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Author Topic: Map IceCrown Citadel  (Read 16728 times)

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« on: February 19, 2012, 12:47:21 pm »

Map “IceCrown Citadel”

Map name: IceCrown
Creator: Garett
Players number: 1 - 8 (4 – 8 recommended)
For mode: Arena/Elimination (teamplay recommended)
Links: IceCrown (NoX Maps Database), IceCrown (Mediafire), IceCrown (NoXWorld).

    A large cooperative MMORPG-raid style map (optimal players amount being 4-8) featuring a lot of monsters and eight very powerful bosses with pretty unique abilities in three flanks of the citadel held by the forces of evil.

    The ultimate goal of IceCrown is to defeat the last supreme boss. You need to activate the central teleport to reach his residence. Teleports activates after sabotaging three pairs of towers located around. A certain overboss provides functioning of each pair; towers switch off after “their” bosses go down. But you need to slay the overbosses’ powerful minions first to get to fight against their masters.

    General info on the bosses and interaction with them.
Each boss is located in a large (full watchable screen-size) chamber that is either empty or filled with non-respawning monsters. At the entrance to the chamber a plate is located that shows the bosses’ current HP after being pressed. A boss stands either in the center of the chamber or its central axis and is inactive first (takes no damage and ignores all effects). To start the battle players need to come in a close range and wait for a second. After that the entrance to the chamber is blocked by a wall, boss becomes vulnerable and start to attack with his special abilities. A fight ends when boss is down or all the assaulting players die and get respawn (in the latter case, a boss is respawned as well). The blocking walls disappear after the end of a fight.

    Map plan and objects’ locations.
Starting room – Central Hall (three pair of towers + a teleport) – three large flanks with certain bosses and their minions + the residence of the supreme boss.

    Western flank (Codename: Imbarium) is located to the left from the towers enchanted with green glow (Charm Creature).

The basis of the flank is a vast Laboratory with a overboss. To remove two impenetrable walls that block the entrance to the Laboratory players need to slay the lesser bosses who await in two other rooms that are located to the North and South from the Laboratory. Toxic mucus and putridness seep everywhere.

Bosses’ description
    Zombie (Codename: Rotten Do). Located to the North/right/above from the blocking walls. Great news folks: I’ve fixed the tubes to bring on the toxic mucus.
  • Part of the room is permanently filled with green ugly masses that damage players who step into puddles near the tubes with recognizable animation (1 HP/1 frame).
  • The boss drinks enough of fluid from the floor and spits it onto one of the players while burning it up simultaneously. To make the attack more precise, the attack is made by conic trajectory and last for a while (Fireball at a random player in the room, 1 second later a sequence of 6 Fireballs at the area of the targeted player. Cooldown 10 seconds).
  • Local fauna stops to fight each other, finding a new prey. When it gets tired of chasing, it goes back to normal, feasting on familiar and, of course, evolving. It can go insane and explode after consuming too much. (Invulnerability on a random player every 30 seconds, a spider with damaging aura appearing and started to chase the targeted player after cancelling Invulnerability. When two spiders meet, they disappear, and a larger “spider” appears).

    VileZombie (Codename: Addle La). Located to the South/left/below from the blocking walls. That’s a regular cloud of gas, but look out… it’s not that regular.
  • Toxic gas comes to the chamber from each hole, poisoning all the raid participants. Not everyone can breathe it in. The boss inhales the gas, gaining power over time. When no gas is left in the chamber, Addle La exhales it back, damaging a lot. (All players in the chamber take 10 HP every 2 seconds. Every following minute the damage reduces to 7, 5 and 0. 20 seconds after 0 damage level is set, every player in the chamber takes 200 damage points)
  • The boss accumulates electrostatic charge that transfers to nearby players. As he accumulates charge, damage grows as well. (A player closest to the boss takes 7 damage every 5 seconds. Damages grows up to 10, 20 and 30 by a minute. If the targeted player is near the boss, the latter takes aliquot damage every 5 seconds. After 165+ seconds at charge, the player takes 200 damage, and time count is restarted.
  • Occasionally one of the players loses the ability to control himself, the boss recognizes it and tries to finish him with the Toxic Cloud (Toxic Cloud, Confuse and Slow at a random player every 17 seconds. Toxic Cloud and Confuse at everyone close to the targeted player).
  • Evolution benefits from the climate of the chamber. Sometimes toxic polyps grow around it, and then they explode. After an explosion, you can gain its natural resistance to the toxic gas. (A Polyp appears every minute in the random point of the chamber, Polyps explodes 12 seconds later, and every player coming close to the explosion point gains 25% resistance to the exhaled gas, originally damaging 200. The resistance is accumulated and is set to zero after the exhaling attack).

    LichLord (Codename: Dr. Travlen). Located in the Laboratory between his minions’ chambers. Great news folks: I updated the game to the point when it will destroy all of NoX.
  • One potion, behind the Dr.’s shelves, is drinkable. The one who drinks it gets impenetrable defense and the power to move fluids with ease, but his attack is greatly reduced (Creating and lifting WaterBarrel below the character. Permanent Invulnerability on the character. When Invulnerability is cancelled, WaterBarrel falls, new WaterBarrel is created, the player get Freezed for 2 sconds).
  • The overboss uses the red potion of fire, that get spilled over the Laboratory and sets it on fire. If not extinguished on time, everything in the Laboratory gets burned down.(RedPotion appears in a random point of the Laboratory every 15 seconds. 2 seconds later Meteor falls on it, leaving MediumFlame in the place of the potion. While MediumFlame burns, SmallFlames appear by concentric circles centered by MediumFlame).
  • Dr. Travlen experiments, testing the green and red fluids’ effect on players on direct contact (Green: creating a Spider near the right/upper chimney, targeting a random player, 3 seconds later casting Anchor and Stun at the targeted player. Spider moves with an average speed to the player, in close distance dealing 200 damage that is distributed equally to all players in a small area near the targeted player. Red: creating a Spider near the left/lower chimney, targeting a random player, 3 seconds later casting Ancho at the targeted player. Spider moves with an average speed to the player, dealing gradually reducing damage from 40 every 2 seconds, in close distance dealing 10x damage left to all players in the large area around the targeted player.
  • Dr. throws a blue potion that slows and stops his foes (The overboss throws a BluePotion at a site of a random player every 10 seconds, dealing 30 damage and casting Fumble and Confuse).
  • Dr. drops the blue potion to the ground – soon the unstable fluid explodes (4 BluePotions appear around the OverBoss, exploding 8 seconds later, dealing 30 damage and casting Fumble and Slow).
  • Starts to shove potions to all players until the heroes die of too much responsibilities (Potion appears in site of the closest player every 24 seconds and deals damage aliquot to the maximal number of Potions that appeared on one player, every 4 seconds).
  • Tastes potions, gaining power (Activating new abilities after reducing HP to 80% of normal).
  • Takes any potion he can find, gaining power (Activating new abilities after reducing HP to 35% of normal, taking potions from the professor’s shelves no longer gives Invulnerability).

    Northern flank (Codename: WiT Halls) is located above the towers enchanted with red glow (Greater Healing).

The Overboss residences in the Royal Palace located above the other flank’s chambers. But players must survive a ferocious battle against other mighty enemies. Bloody horrors and nightmarish rituals occur here… Revived creatures are everywhere within, protecting the Citadel.

Bosses’ description
    Wolves (codename: Council of Princes) are located in the second round chamber on the corridor. Tremble, mortals, and despair, doom has come to this world... by the power of the Orb!
  • The power of the Orb chains the bosses together, preventing them from dying one by one, giving two of them immunity to any damage and allowing to use their projections (Invulnerability on two of three Wolves every second for 60 seconds. Rotating the invulnerable wolves every 60 seconds. Powering the abilities of the vulnerable Wolf. Once rotating invulnerable Wolves, players get Invulnerability for 5 seconds and take one Death Ray once during 10 frames).
    Wolf, Black (Codename: Peonn). The left wolf.
  • Uses a dark projection of the Orb.
  • Takes an excess of the dark energy from the Orb, targeting it at the enemies (Dealing 20/200 damage every 10 seconds to the closest player).
  • Even depleted, the Orb has a lot of inner components that save it from being destroyed by its own dark energy (Every 10 seconds GreenOrbs, living 40 seconds, appear in the middle of the chamber and move chaotically around the chamber. Gathering GreenOrbs reduces damage dealt by bosses’ attacks.
    Wolf, White (Codename: Flamberg). The wolf in the middle.
  • Uses a cloud projection of the Orb.
  • A pit that makes air spin appears on the floor. The boss throws an air projection there, powering the cyclone (BlueOrb appears in a random point, lifts and then falls for 6 seconds, creating WhirlWind in the site of the fall. A player that comes too close to the WhirlWind takes 50 damage and triggers Push).
  • Air clots appear under the ceiling, compressed so hard that they fall and collapse by any deformation, striking with a shockwave (BlueOrb appears in a random point, lifts and then falls slowly, dealing 50 damage to all players after touching the floor (Dispel Undead). Barrel appears under the BlueOrb; after Barrel is destroyed, the BlueOrb goes up for a second).
  • Air between the fighters gets charged with electricity, and electric bolts start to strike them (players that are too close to each other take 50 damage and Push spell effect after the Lightning effect).
    Wolf (Codename Alee). The right wolf.
  • Uses a fire projection of the Orb.
  • Powers himself with the ability to cast basic fire spells (strikes with Missiles of Magic at the player farthest from the boss every 15 seconds).
  • Accumulates firepower, placing it in a thin capsule and aiming at the targeted enemy, killing the victim on touch. The capsule is still imperfect, so anyone close to it can cause part of the capsule’s energy to erupt (RedOrb is created above the boss, moves slowly to the farthest player (who gets casted Slow at). The RedOrb deals all of the damage left (up to 200) to a targeted player in a close distance. Missiles of Magic strike the players that are close to the RedOrb, reducing  damage left by 10%).

    WizardGreen[/b] (Codename: Queen Ahlee). Spill blood like a vampire, drink blood like a vampire.
  • Vampire starts to affect players in a wrong way, transferring on touch, not when the spell is cast. Bloodlust makes players attack each other (A random player gets Vampirism for 60 second. After the Vampirism effect fades, if there’s no other player nearby for 10 seconds, the player starts to cast Meteor at himself).
  • Shades thicken around the players, overboss glowing bright light at the hiding ones, disrupting all the shades (a random player gets enchanted with Firewalk every 20 seconds. 4 MediumFlames appear over a small area around the targeted player every second for 4 seconds).
  • Participants’ souls pact with each other, making their connection so strong that players coming away from each other leads to their inevitable death (2 random players are chosen every 20 seconds and take increasing damage (starting with 10) every 2 seconds until distance between them reduces to 0).
  • When shades fill all the hall, the overboss cloaks it in mist that can only be dispelled with the brightest light. (The boss comes to the center of the hall, rises slowly and casts Blind at all players with no Light effect. Also a random player and all characters near him take 40 damage per second for 20 seconds).

    Eastern flank (Codename: Muggy Hall is located to the right from the towers enchanted with blue glow (Drain Mana).

The most extensional of the three first flanks. Its overboss doesn’t need any servants – he captures magic powers of other creatures and his opponents. The raid will need to save and cure one of such creatures, that being not an easy task because of lack of Mana obelisks and anti-magic extinguishers.

Bosses’ description
    Will O' Wisp (Codename Glowworm). All energy depleted, only heart left.
  • Six Mana Flames support the depletion, reinforcing the enemy army with dark creatures (Indicate healing left to do, it duplicates the plate near the entrance to the chamber. A random monster from a certain set is created between the pillars at the periphery of the chamber; gap between monsters creation reduces gradually by 1 frame (starting with 150 frames) after every creation).
  • Shades hide in flames and deplete the Wisp’s Energy, weakening it even more (Shaed is created in a random (well-hidden) point of the room with zero aggression. The boss takes 2 damage per second for any alive Shade).
  • Electric bolts discharge materia, creating passes to other places (The boss and a random point of the room get connected with Lightning for 10 seconds. The player nearest to that point gets moved to a room with a copy of the boss. All players who got moved from the main chamber get returned 30 seconds after Lightning effect starts).

    Necromancer (Codename: Mug Wizard) ...because you pathetic wizardry is no match any longer... to... cider!
  • Not so masterful spellcasting makes blocks of stone and clots of fire fall from the roof (Player closest to the boss gets targeted with a Meteor, then repeated 1 seconds later with 2 and 3 Meteors with a small shift in the chosen direction. Fist of Vengeance strikes at the point opposite to the closest player every second for 3 seconds with a small shift).
  • Drink with your fellas and show them fire breath, they’ll appreciate (SmallAlbinoSpider is created between the boss and each player. Ring of Fire casts twice during a second 5 seconds after creating monsters; then spiders disappear).
  • Drunkards catch cold fatser… or something else. Lucky are the fools and drunkards… or not (The boss loses all abilities, gets Invulnerability, goes to the center of the chamber, get downgraded to Spider. Two SentryGlobes appear in 2 random points of the chamber, get active for 8 seconds and then disappear. Every player gets buffed with Freeze and Reflective Shield).
  • Mix useful components to get a cocktail. And don’t catch a freeze (The boss gets permanently downgraded to a Spider. SentryGlobe appear in random point of the chamber, get active for 8 seconds and then disappear. Random player gets buffed with Freeze and Reflective Shield).

    The last battlefield (Codename: Residence. Location: blackout) can be reached by central teleport only.
It’s the top of the Citadel, the root of all evil and pain that a company of brave (or dumb) heroes will have to break through. The battle area is much larger than all other bosses’ chambers, but it only makes things worse: the floor is covered with slippy ice, and both players and the servants of the boss glide on it while fighting. You can only exit the Residence by two ways: slaying the boss and finishing the map or… falling down.

Bosses’ description
    Wizard (Codename: Virus).
  • Electricity clot block (All players and the Will’O’Wisp get Freeze’d until the end of the battle; players get un-Freeze’d with the Frozen Will’O’Wisp).
  • How many times have you fallen while coming here? Your corpses can make a good use (Boss creates 4-12 VileZombies once a second every 15 seconds).
  • Rotting masses outside spread a mortal disease that leads either to cure or death (Every player takes 20 damage every 2 seconds until his health is full or reaches zero).
  • Energy blocked makes a strong electricity charge that at its time breaks through all the barriers (Random player gets charged with Shock for 16 seconds every 20 seconds. 5 seconds later players get 75 damage every 5 seconds if they have Shock).
  • Dark energy concentrates the power of nature, boss targeting the mortal attack while staying in full safety (The boss attacks a random player with the Force of Nature every 3/2 seconds while boss is standing in the middle of the chamber).
  • When effect of the nature’s force is doubted, seasoned mechanism take the role (SentryGlobe get switched off  by one per second, move to the center of the room and target its outsides. 2 seconds after the last SentryGlobe switches off, all of them activate).
  • Putting all of the rot in one place, you get more if you have according materia (Random player gets targeted with Toxic Cloud every 32 seconds. If a player stays in the cloud for 3 seconds or longer, 4 more Toxic Clouds appear around the already existing one).
  • Mechanism aren’t enough, where are my servants? (Gargoyles appear between the boss and each player every 30 seconds and start moving to players, their speed reducing while being debuffed with Slow or Stun).
  • The dead spirits arise. Fear fetters… (4-12 Ghosts appear around the boss every seconds every 15 seconds).
  • Die, nitwits! (When the boss’s HP reach 10%, all abilities become unavailable). Death to everyone… the Will’O’Wisp activates… not embodied…).

    The map has 2 difficulty levels: Normal (set instantly) and Heroic (all bosses get new or have more powerful old abilities). If there’s an interest for the map, or players are able to win IceCrown in Normal mode, the Heroic mode description will be provided. However, it has not as much features and can be compiled by yourself quite easily. Start the assault!

Big thanks to: Snegok, unseen - for translating this description; Dio, Evengard - for testing; 2530 - for these beautiful screenshots; and also everyone involved in this project.

P.S. community has defeated 7 of 8 bosses by that moment.
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« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2012, 12:47:42 pm »

A few screenshots of the gameplay:
Battle with Rotten DoBattle with Dr. TravlenBattle with Council of Princes

Technical Specification

Frequency:every 15 s
Target:pointed area
Damage:2/2 frames (Poison)
Active for:15 s

Frequency:every 10 s
Target:Random player/Areaaround the player
Damage:-1 /5 frames
Active for:-30 frames

Frequency:every 30 s
Target:Random playerarea around the Object
Damage:15/s (Poison)10/20/30/40/s (Poison)
Active for:30 s or lessuntil the monster disappears
Defense:Fading Invulnerabilitylesser distance between the objects


Frequency:every 200 s
Target:All chamber
Damage:10/7/5/0 /2 s (Poison)200 (Poison)
Active for:60/60/60/20 sinstantly
Defense:CurePoisonPotion with Polyp (f115) -25%

Frequency:every 17 s
Object:PoisonCloud, Confuse and SlowPoisonCloud and Confuse
Target:Random playerarea around the player (f46)
Active for:-

Frequency:every 200 s
Object:Lightning effect
Target:Closest payerBoss
Damage:7/10/30/30 /5s (2)(Active on players per frame/15) /5s (2)
Active for:60/60/60/20 s
Defense:-distance from the player (f69)

Professor Putricide

Frequency:every 10 s or fading Invulnerability
Object:Freeze castInvulnerability castWaterBarrel
Target:Player who pressed the platePlayer who pressed the platePlayer who pressed the plate
Active for:2 s   10 suntil Invulnerability Fades

Frequency:every 15 severy 30 frames
Object:RedPotionMeteor, MediumFlameSmallFlame
Target:Random pointRedPotionarea around MediumFlame
Active for:2 s
Defense:-extinguish MediumFlame

Frequency:every 60 s
Object:SmallAlbinoSpiderAnchor and Stun castCurePoisonPotion
Target:right chimneyRandom playerarea around the player (f92)
Damage:-200 (Poison)
Active for:until SmallAlbinoSpider deathuntil the closer distance (f23)at closer distance (f23)
Defense:Damage is distributed over players in the area

Frequency:every 60 s
Object:SmallAlbinoSpiderAnchor and Slow castRedPotion
Target:Left chimneyRandom playerarea around the player (f138)
Damage:-40 /2s (1)((40 - 4 * Active for (s)) * 10 + 100) (1)
Active for:until Spider death20 sin close distance (f23)
Defense:-Damage weakens over time

Frequency:every 10 s
Object:BluePotionConfuse and Fumble cast
Target:Random playerarea around BluePotion (f69)
Damage:-30 (9)
Active for:-

Frequency:every 15 s
Object:BluePotionFumble and Slow cast
Target:area around the bossarea around BluePotion (f69)
Damage:-30 (9)
Active for:8 s

Frequency:every 24 severy 4 s
Object:RedPotion / BluePotion / CurePoisonPotion
Target:Closest payereveryone in map
Damage:-(5 * Potion number at one player)/4s (1)
Active for:-

Blood Prince Council

Frequency:every 10 s
Object:DeathRay effect
Target:Closest payer
Damage:20/200 (16)
Active for:-
Defense:GreenOrb picked up

Frequency:every 10 s
Target:chamber centre
Damage:(1 + (Orbs amount)^2) - 200
Active for:40 s

Frequency:every 40 s
Object:BlueOrbWhirlWind, Push
Target:Random Pointarea around the random point (f92)
Damage:-50/s (2)
Active for:6 s24 s

Object:BlueOrb, BarrelDispel Undead
Target:random pointeveryone in map
Damage:-50 (0)
Active for:6 s or more
Defense:-Barrel death

Frequency:every 40 s
Object:Lightning effect
Target:everyone in map
Damage:50 (9)
Active for:up to 5 s
Defense:greater distance (f184)

Frequency:every 15 s
Object:Magic Missile
Target:farthest player
Active for:-

Frequency:every 15 s
Object:Anchor and Slow castRedOrbMagic Missile
Target:farthest playerfarthest playerarea around RedOrb (f138)
Damage:-(200 - Magic Missile amount * 20) (1)
Active for:11 sat close distance (f46)1 s

Blood Queen Lanathel

Frequency:1 раз
Target:Random playerRandom player
Active for:60 s
Defense:-distance between players (f46)

Frequency:every 20 s
Target:Random playerarea around the player
Damage:-4 /s
Active for:-3 s

Frequency:every 20 s
Object:DeathRay effect
Target:2 random players
Damage:10/2s^2 (16)
Active for:-
Defense:reducing distance(f46)

Frequency:every 10 s
Object:DeathRay effect
Target:area around a random player (f92)
Damage:40 (0)
Active for:-


Frequency:every 150 frames
Object:SKeleton / SkeletonLord / Troll / UrchinShaman
Target:random point of 6
Damage:-1 frame/frequency
Active for:-
Defense:Frequency 60 frames or more

Frequency:every 10 s
Target:random pointboss
Damage:-2 /s (0)
Active for:-Shade death

Frequency:every 30 s
Object:Lightning effectmovement
Target:boss, 2 random pointsplayer near the points
Active for:10 sup to 30 s


Frequency:every 3 s
Object:Anchor / Confuse / FireBall / MagicMissile / Meteor / Slow
Target:Random player
Active for:-

Frequency:every 20 s
Object:Fist of Vengence
Target:area behind the boss at the line with the nearby player
Active for:3 s

Frequency:every 15 s
Target:area in front of the boss at the line with the nearby player
Active for:3 s

Frequency:every 32 s
Object:SmallAlbinoSpiderRing of Fire
Target:everyone in the chamber
Active for:5 s2 s

Frequency:every 60 s
Object:Freeze and Reflective Shield2 SentryGlobes
Target:all players/Random player2 random points
Active for:8 s and 10 s8 s

Frequency:every 16 severy 24 s
Object:Freeze and Reflective ShieldSentryGlobe
Target:Random playerrandom point
Active for:8 s and 10 s8 s

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