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Title: Official Thread of Compiled FAIL!!!
Post by: Morden Tral on September 03, 2009, 02:24:45 pm
Placing fail I find around NoX2 dev in here for peeps to remember far into the future.

PM from Zleid
I hate you...

I just have maked a whole proyect from nowhere... discarted it when i readed the "if you have any code post it" thing (becouse i just realized that no one would like to follow a proyect that, by far, is a mere couple of boxes moving around the screen).. so i started it over, maked the whole character work, maked some spells work... and then i found a big problem with the compiler i was working with... its a goddamn beta and it has several trobles when you give it orders related to create and wirte files... as well as with the loops such as while-dowhile-for...

however, i came by to search for a newer version thats not a a beta and find that you have already started a 3dproyect! GOD DAMN YOU!... you would have sayd it before and i wouldnt have lost so many time!

however... to ty `point... i just have some several ideas to add to nox2... things i was working with... hope they are of use for you...

-spells propertyes could be modifyed and public, so people could make their own spells and put them as traps or so... for example. you would have the propertyes "cast at/from(player, pointer)" "movement(hommin/forward/stand/fallfromabove)" "calleffect(effect)" "sprite(or anim set... could be an array that points to several animation)" and so on... so for example a user could make a trap like the classic fist of vengeance (crypts) that is a falling flaming fist of vengeance that calls a ring of fire or so...
-a gaming mode that allows you to use a monster as hero (each monster could have its own habilityes.... something that could be funny may be an urchin that when is in front of other urchins could cast something like a mass charm thats only effective with urchins....)
-save the map files in two parts... one with the terrain, objects kind and number, and walls info... and other for scrips
-allow the map editor to edit alternate scripts to be called when the map is loaded (or something like that... so a map could have a standar script that takes care of map evetns, and other that declares specific spells to be used as traps or so)
-allow more than just one pathfinding for monsters (a option to be used on games, so players could place in their maps smarter monsters that require lots of memory to make their path, or simple "go to this point" monsters that wont require any resource)
-take away the "stun spell"... anyway, slow works well and is not all that abusybe...
-add a "multiplayer campaing" mode...
-compatible map editor enhanced with several editors that allows modification of npc, weapons, spells, and almost everything else.

altough i thinked about some 3dgame things, i have no idea of 3d programming and such (hey, i only have one year programming and nobody teached me) anyway, i tought you cpould add several views (classic nox, first person, and standard 3drpg)
further on, this (and a nice "hide whatever blocks view") could allow you to make a wholu building of two floors being REALLY a two floors building (and no a single floor building that teleports to another building in the same level that seems like a second floor)

well... i know some stuff about dark basic and pure basic... further on im learning c++...
i can make some graphics (both 2d and 3d) but i spend hours on them (and saddly, i have to work, so it will become days) and so on, i cant make 3d stuff look nice...
also i learn fast so whatever you are working with, whatever i can learn...

so if you want or need some help, just send me a mail or something... even if the fact of having someone doing something better than i dissapoints me, i dont want to leave such a proyect so if i can help in something (or if i can learn something) i will gladly do...

Title: Re: Official Thread of Compiled FAIL!!!
Post by: Imm0Rtal on September 03, 2009, 04:27:32 pm
mah boy translated this cause mah english aint so good.

Title: Re: Official Thread of Compiled FAIL!!!
Post by: Gigantic Whore - War/Wiz/Con/3v3 Champ on July 14, 2010, 04:51:21 am
I don't think I would want someone like him making NoX2 anyways.

Title: Re: Official Thread of Compiled FAIL!!!
Post by: Imm0Rtal on March 17, 2011, 05:47:52 pm
Can every post prophet makes be auto-posted to this forum?

Title: Re: Official Thread of Compiled FAIL!!!
Post by: #zx.pr0jk on March 17, 2011, 11:38:00 pm
Take too much effort. Sorry.


Title: Re: Official Thread of Compiled FAIL!!!
Post by: EzeBassi1 on April 16, 2011, 08:35:55 pm
Go ahead Go ahead Go ahead Go ahead